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An important proposal


Research suggests that the average cost of a diamond ring is in the region of £2,084. While the buyer of the ring might prefer to keep the cost of the ring secret, it’s important to know the value of the ring as most insurers have single item limits on the amount that can be claimed, typically no more than £1,500. Here at Select & Protect, that limit is £3,000 for Personal Items, if you have selected this as part of your cover. Any item worth more than this can be specified separately in the policy.

Doing our own research, we have been amazed at the tales of how people have lost their engagement and wedding rings either both at home and abroad. Many take their rings off when cooking, washing up and showering, which often seems to result in them falling down the sink.

Holidays are another claim hotspot with rings being put on towels and then lost in the sand! The loss can happen in advance of the big day itself as apparently over half of the brides-to-be admit to wearing loose-fitting engagement rings for nearly two months before getting them resized.

Most are able to claim for a replacement on their home insurance, but remember not all policies cover personal items outside of the home and abroad – so it’s good to know that we do.