Cruise Cover

Providing you with added protection, so you can relax on your trip and enjoy the high seas.

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  • 24/7 UK emergency helpline
  • Up to £10 million in medical expenses cover under Gold
  • Covid-19 cover as standard
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Select & Protect Cruise Travel Insurance

What is a cruise?

A trip involving a sea or river voyage of more than one night, where transport and accommodation is primarily on an ocean/river going passenger ship, liner or cruiser.

What is cruise cover travel insurance and why it’s important

If you’re going on a cruise, add our cruise cover for that extra protection, including:

Cabin confinement (due to accident or illness)


Itinerary change

Increased baggage limits. *

Select & Protect insurance offers Cruise Cover on both Single Trips and Annual Multi-Trip policies as an optional extra.

Cruise holidays are popular with people of all ages, and it’s never been more important that your travel insurance provides you with the correct cover for your holiday.

From the Caribbean to Europe, whatever your destination, you can tailor your policy to include this add-on so you can enjoy your travels without worry.

As cruise holidays cover many different destinations, ensure that your policy covers you for all the countries you’re visiting, even if you’re only visiting for one day.

Many cruise ships and travel agents will require you to have adequate travel insurance cover in place before you board, so you may want to think about purchasing your policy as soon after you book your trip as possible. We off Cruise Cover as an optional add-on when taking out a quote if you want to enhance the standard cover.

What’s covered?

Check out this table of benefits for our Cruise Cover add on:

  Bronze Silver Gold
Missed port (per port)* £100 £100 £100
Missed port (total)* £500 £500 £500
Cabin confinement (per 24 hours)* £100 £100 £100
Cabin confinement (total)* £1,000 £1,000 £1,000
Unused excursions £500 £500 £500
Additional Baggage £1,000 £1,000 £1,000
Single article limit £500 £500 £500

*No excess is applicable for sections marked.

Please refer to the policy wording for terms and conditions on each section.

Cruise Cover FAQs - Frequently asked questions

You are covered for a cruise holiday as standard for things such as cancellation and medical. You can enhance your cover by adding Cruise Cover when taking out a quote to include more specific things that might happen on a cruise, such as missed port cover, cabin confinement and more.

Please refer to the policy wording for terms and conditions on each section.

If you need to provide proof of travel insurance when travelling, you can access your Policy Schedule online 24/7 to show them in a digital format. If needed this can be downloaded and printed off at home.

You can access this and all your other important insurance documents using the online portal.

For general cruise travel & health advice, click here.

If you have any other questions about what other cover is offered by Select & Protect Travel insurance use our FAQs or speak to one of our team using our online chat.

* Please refer to the policy wording for terms and conditions on each section.

Select & Protect is not responsible for any of the content on any other websites.

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Cruise cover

Cruise cover

Providing you with added protection for excursions, itinerary changes and even increased baggage limits, so you can relax on your trip and enjoy the high seas.

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