Pre-existing medical conditions

A pre-existing condition can be related to your physical or mental health, including:

  • Anything you’ve sought medical treatment or took medication for in the last year.
  • Any medical condition that you’ve had in the past.
  • Anything you’re undergoing investigation or testing for, or any new conditions you might develop between now and the start of your trip.
  • When talking in travel insurance terms, a pre-existing medical condition is defined as an injury, illness, disease or other medical condition that happens before your policy starts. Some insurers will exclude these from your policy and won’t cover the related costs.
  • But we can tailor your travel insurance to cover many pre-existing medical conditions, including diabetes, heart conditions, epilepsy, high blood pressure, and asthma depending on screening.

Pre-existing medical condition(s) as per our policy wording

Any of the following medical conditions from which you have suffered from or received medical advice, treatment (including surgery, tests, investigations by your doctor/consultant /specialist) or prescribed drugs or medication in the last five years:

  • Any cancer condition (including leukaemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and any type of skin cancer),
  • Any heart-related or blood circulatory condition (including high blood pressure and high cholesterol),
  • Any diabetic condition,
  • Any neurological condition (including stroke, brain haemorrhage, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and dementia),
  • Any breathing condition (including asthma, bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease),
  • Any renal, kidney or liver condition,
  • Any psychiatric or psychological condition (including anxiety, stress and depression),
  • Any chronic condition that can be controlled but not cured (including back pain, Crohn’s, diverticular and coeliac disease and ulcerative colitis)


  • Any other medical condition for which you have been prescribed medication or which you have received or are waiting to receive treatment including surgery, tests, or investigations) within the last 12 months.

Customers with serious pre-existing medical conditions

Our travel insurance can offer cover for many pre-existing medical conditions. However, if you would like an alternative quote for your medical conditions or if we are unable to offer you a quote, you can access a directory of specialist medical travel insurers who may be able to provide you with cover. You can access this by clicking here or by calling 0800 138 7777.

Why do you need travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions?
Why do you need travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions?

Its is always important to consider your health and even more so before you purchase your policy. It's important to declare any pre-existing medical conditions you have to us.

If you don't, you may face your claim being rejected and the medical costs for your undeclared condition won't be covered while you're away, resulting in large medical bills that you will have to pay yourself. Be sure to provide information about any pre-existing mental or physical illnesses and injuries, the medications you are currently taking, and any medical treatments you've had to treat your condition when you get a quote from us.

Remember, declare all medical conditions no matter how small they are. If you are concerned or unsure please speak to one of our online agents through our Live chat.

How much could your medical bill be whilst travelling?

A routine procedure could easily be £20 - 40k in Europe and an air ambulance back from the USA could be £80k.

If we don't know about your medical history, any pre-existing conditions will be excluded and you could face a significant bill if you become unwell whilst travelling.

With our travel insurance, these claims are fully covered providing you have declared your pre-existing medical conditions.

Tips for travelling with pre-existing conditions
Tips for travelling with pre-existing conditions

  • See a doctor
    Before committing to any travel plans, you should speak to your doctor – they’ll be able to advise you on which destinations, activities or forms of travel are more suitable or recommended with your condition.
  • Don’t forget anything
    You should ensure you have more than enough medication to last your trip, as well as any documentation you might need – including a doctor’s letter, copies of your prescription, and details about your medication and health. You should also factor for any equipment like oxygen tanks or mobility/hearing aids.
  • Research your destination
    Once you’ve decided on where to go, you should research the local area so you know where to find the closest clinic, emergency room or pharmacy. You should also look up the region’s emergency numbers and the location of the British embassy, high commission, or consulate.
  • UK GHIC or UK EHIC aren't always enough

    The UK government still recommends that you have travel insurance in place as well.

    UK residents travelling in EU countries may be able to access medically necessary state-provided healthcare there for free or at a reduced cost. you'll need the new UK Global Health Insurance card (UK GHIC) or a European Health Insurance Card (UK EHIC).

    Remember, neither card covers any additional cost to return you to the UK or for a relative to stay or fly out to be with you. In a medical emergency you may have no control over the hospital you are taken to or the closest hospital may be private. But medical travel insurance may be able to cover some of the cost for you.

    You can find out more information about which card to apply for here.

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Our optional extras

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Winter sports

Winter sports

Cover whilst taking part in Winter Sports. Winter sports insurance provides cover for emergency medical treatment caused by your participation in Winter Sport activities, the delay, loss, theft or damage to your ski equipment, cover for ski pack expenses, piste closure and avalanche closure.

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