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This is a summary of the cover you selected during your quote, including the price, before purchasing an insurance policy.

This is a summary of your cover, including the price, after purchasing an insurance policy.

This shows how our travel insurance product is intended to meet your ‘demands and needs’ to ensure you are financially protected in the event of loss due to travelling. It also contains important information about the administration of your policy including - when to make a claim and how to cancel and renew the policy.

A document containing a summary of key features, exclusions, restrictions, and areas of cover. Describing what is insured and what is not insured.

Helps you to understand how our policies work and exactly what you are covered for, including the terms and conditions and definitions of the cover.

This document outlines any medical conditions which you have declared to us and that we have accepted as part of the terms and conditions of this policy.

A document to confirm a change made to your insurance policy after it has already started.

This document is to confirm the cancellation of your policy.

A notice that is sent inviting you to renew a policy.

For large print, postal or braille requests please email with your policy number and which documents you require. Please consider the environment before requesting your policy documents to be posted to you.

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